Honda Civic

Honda Civic Price

Peninsular Malaysia

Honda Civic 1.8 S
Honda Civic 1.5 TC
Honda Civic 1.5 TC-P
Retail Price Without Insurance
RM 109,326.51
RM 125,081.09
RM 134,661.28
Selling Price
RM 108,646.91
RM 124,741.09
RM 134,321.28
Handling Fee *
Road Tax (1 Year)
RM 279.60
RM 90.00
RM 90.00
Registration Fee
RM 300.00
RM 150.00
RM 150.00
Number Plate
RM 50.00
RM 50.00
RM 50.00
Ownership Endorsement Fee
RM 50.00
RM 50.00
RM 50.00
Sum Insured
RM 109,000.00
RM 125,000.00
RM 134,000.00
Surcharge for White Orchid Pearl *
RM 272.73
RM 272.73
RM 272.72
Surcharge for Platinum White Pearl *
2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 1


  • Free labour service applicable up to 5 times within 100,000km or 5 years*
    (BR-V, HR-V Hybrid, Civic, CR-V & Accord)
  • Free labour service applicable up to 6 times within 100,000km or 5 years*
    (City, Jazz, HR-V Petrol & Odyssey)
  • 8 years warranty for lithium-ion battery with unlimited mileage*
    (applicable to Hybrid variants only)
  • White Orchid Pearl only available for BR-V, City, Civic, CR-V, HR-V, Jazz*
  • Platinum White Pearl only available for Accord and Odyssey*


  • Prices and specifications are subjected to change without prior notice.
  • For Company Registration:
    Registration Fee is RM500.
    Road Tax is doubled.
  • For Foreigner Registration:
    Registration Fee is RM600.
    Registration fee for Turbo Variant is RM350.
  • 5 years warranty with unlimited mileage*

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2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 2

Elevate Your Presence On The Road

2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 3

Gives You The Thrill Of A 2.4L Engine

2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 4

8 Advanced Driver-Assistive Technologies


Pleases all senses on all levels

Turn heads with the revolutionary sleek silhouette and signature boldness of the Civic.
2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 5
2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 6


More than just family and friends

Stretch out, relax and relish the Civic experience with an all-round spacious interior.

Exhilarating drive while saving fuel

Reach your dreams with the new turbo engine while saving fuel with Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology.
2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 7
2020 Honda Civic Malaysia 8

Ensure peace of mind with every drive

Get to your destination safely with impeccable safety advancements.


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