Irrespective of how careful you are, accidents can always happen. Studies have shown that the number of road accidents in Malaysia is on a steady rise.

Graph of Malaysia road accidents
Source: Statista

In 2019, Malaysia recorded 281,527 road accidents within the first six months. This is an increase of 2.5 per cent when compared to the previous year.

The process of repairing your car after a collision is neither simple nor straightforward.

Since repairing your car has a severe impact on the safety of your vehicle, it pays to leave the care of your repairs to real professionals and authorised service centres.

Honda cars accident repair insurance packages

For Honda car users, Honda Malaysia offers exclusive insurance coverage

Some of the key features of Honda insurance plans include:

Why choose an authorized Honda service centre for accident repair?

If you’re an owner of a Honda car and have been in an unfortunate car accident, choosing an authorised Honda service centre comes with multiple benefits. These include:

1. 100% genuine parts

When you choose a Honda service centre for repair, it is guaranteed that all the car parts that will be used for replacement will be original and genuine. Your repair work will be undertaken by a panel of experts who are well trained, experienced and efficient. Additionally, the work will comply with the strict quality standards set by the company.

Furthermore, all the parts that are replaced within HIP will have:

2. Expertise in work

All the technicians of an authorized Honda service centre will have thorough knowledge about the working of internal components and the technology of the engine parts. 

They will be equipped with several years of experience in dealing with various models of Honda cars.

3. Resale benefit

Just imagine you are trying to sell your car which encountered a major accident. Yes, it will have a black mark on your service history as there is no guarantee of the quality of replacement parts and service.

Now on the other hand, if you have repaired your car from an authorized Honda service centre, the car maintenance service history available at the centre will be good enough to fetch you a great deal in the event of a resale.

4. Cost advantage

Choosing an authorized Honda repair centre and having a Honda Insurance Plan is a cost effective option when considering the long term impacts and overall health of your vehicle. 

Services available for accident repair

There is no uniformity about car accidents. If you’re lucky, you could escape with minor scratches. On the other hand, a bad day could see you involved in a collision that ends up damaging your vehicle significantly. 

However, if you own a Honda car, you can get end to end services for all types of accident repairs at an authorised centre. 

The following are some popular accident repair services available at Honda centres:

1. Damage to the Bumper

This is one of the most common damages which occur during the collision. Whether you ran into a nearby electric post or another vehicle ran into you, an accident is often associated with front and rear damage.

The cost of repairing the bumper depends on the model of Honda car and the extent of the damage.

Most modern day models are fitted with sensors inside the bumper as a safety measure. So repairing the bumper also means restoring the collision sensitive sensors which could cost more.

It is therefore understandable that the cost of bumper repair depends on the damage to the physical body of the bumper and the sensors within. 

2. Deep paint scratches

Even a minor accident could result in a large number of scratches and dents. Although these might appear innocent at a glance, the cost of repairing this might exceed your expectations.

Repairing the dent depends on the extent of the damage. If the damage is just superficial, it can be repaired quickly and is most commonly known as paintless repair.

Deeper dents require a more elaborate form of repair work, and sometimes certain parts need to be replaced.

3. Internal Damage

During accidents, certain items inside your Honda car may get damaged. The cost of repair may vary depending on the extent of the damage.

Certain car parts that could be expensive to repair are:

Specific models have sensors attached within the seat belts to alert the driver when the car moves out of the desired track. In such cases,  the sensors also have to be replaced.

4. Damage to the Engine and Frame

The engine components, along with the outer frame, get damaged during a high impact collision.

In such a case, your Honda car could look crumpled with fluids leaking from the inside.

Repairing such extensive damage includes replacing the internal engine components and the frame partially or fully. This requires long hours of work to reconstruct the vehicle back to its original shape.

The chances are high that extensive repair work like this will cost thousands of Ringgit. Make sure that you choose some good insurance policy such as the HIP.

5. Smashed Windshield & Windows

Damage to your windshield and window glasses are common in both major and minor accidents.

While a minor accident results in a small crack, a strong and direct blow could completely shatter your windshield. Once again, the cost of repair depends on the extent of damage, make and model of the windshield.

The rear windshield may be slightly more expensive.

6. Deep paint scratches

Deep paint scratches are difficult to repair. If the extent of damage is more, the scratches have to be sealed selectively and painted.

Things That Shoots Up Cost of Repair

Honda cars are made up of different parts specialized for unique purposes. When the different parts of the vehicle need to be replaced or repaired, the total labour cost can add up to a considerable amount which you might not have anticipated.

Another factor which adds to the cost is that newer models of Honda cars have more complex parts which require specialized craftsmanship, making the replacement costlier than anticipated.

Specific models of Honda cars require specialized training as well.

Yet another important aspect to consider is that the latest models come with specialized electronic components such as sensors and microprocessors, which can cost a bit more when compared to non-electronic parts.

Bottom line

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. Taking the right action without losing time could save cost and ensure hassle-free car repair.

By choosing an authorized Honda service centre for accident repair, you could ensure that your car is in the care of highly skilled professionals. They have unique expertise in dealing with Honda cars.

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