Honda Civic: Go for 1.5L Turbo or 1.8L Model?

Honda Civic: Go for 1.5L Turbo or 1.8L Model? 1

The Honda Civic is a car that does not really need any introduction. Almost everyone loves this car and it is a car that is perfect for any kind of driver. It’s a smooth, reliable and enjoyable car that is suitable for drivers of all ages. 

In Malaysia, you can choose from two engine versions, namely the 1.5L Turbo or the 1.8L model. The exteriors of both models are similar. With its sleek, sporty look and amazing design, the Honda Civic is and always will be a good looking sedan. 

The article talks about the main differences between the Honda Civic 1.5L Turbo and the 1.8L variants.

List of specifications

Civic 1.5L TC Civic 1.8L
Engine 4 cylinder, 16 valve, DOHC VTEC TURBO 4 cylinder, 16 valve, SOHC, i-VTEC
Power (PS) 173 PS @ 5,500 rpm 141 PS @ 6,500 rpm
Torque (Nm) 220 Nm from 1,700 – 5,500 rpm 174 Nm @ 4,300 rpm
Displacement (CC) 1,498  1,799
Transmission CVT automatic CVT automatic
Price (RM) 124,076.00  110,426.00


In Malaysia, the Honda Civic comes in two options – the 1.5L VTEc turbocharged or the 1.8L VTEC. While both engines are certified as Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV), the small capacity forced induction engine and the big capacity naturally-aspirated engine will appeal to different groups for people. 

The 1.5L engine has an output of 173 PS with a maximum torque of 220Nm from 1,700 to 5,500 rpm, which is actually equal to the performance of a 2.4 liter engine. The Civic 1.5L is able to go from 0 to 100km/h in 8.2 seconds. 

On the other hand, the 1.8L has a 141 PS output and a torque of 174Nm @ 4,300 rpm. This car will go from 0 to 100km/h in 10.4 seconds. And that’s awesome, isn’t it?

The official fuel consumption of the 1.5L version is 17.2km/l while the 1.8L variant will give you over 500km for a full tank of petrol. Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology makes all the Civic models fuel efficient. 


All 2020 models have the similar fastback design of previous models. However, a black grille has been added to the front bumper. On  the back, there’s a new trunk spoiler.

Here are some of the noticeable exterior differences. The 1.8L model has 16 inch wheels, halogen projector headlights, and halogen fog lights. 

On the 1.5L TC model, there are features such as 17 inch wheels, LED headlights and LED fog lights. The 1.5L TC-P variants has chrome door handles and an upgrade to 18 inch wheels, giving the Civic a wide, steady look. Tyre geeks will definitely be pleased with the 18 inch wheels featured in the TC-P models. 


For the interiors, the new 2020 Honda Civic actually has several D segment features. You will be able to stretch out and relax in the all-round spacious interior. All the models have a full color LCD meter, touch panel air conditioning control, 3 spoke leather steering wheel and automatic front wipers. 

Drivers of all ages and body types will be comfortable in the 8-way driver power seat which will hold your posture while you drive. On the infotainment system are physical buttons and a volume control knob. The 2020 models have a 60:40 split rear-seat configuration and on the climate control panel, there are fan speed buttons. 

Following are some more appreciable differences in the interiors of the two models:

Both the 1.8L model and the 1.5 TC model have single auto air conditioning, while the 1.5L TC-P has dual auto air conditioning. You can expect the 1.5TC-P model to cool down much faster during a hot day. 

The 1.8L variant has fabric seats while the 1.5L models have a new and posh looking leather seat design. All upholstery is black in color. Two interior features that are present in the 1.5L variants but not in the 1.8L model is the auto dim rearview mirror and premium interior garnish. 

Overall, the 1.5L models are made to feel a little more luxurious when compared to the 1.8L models. 

Safety features

Honda does its best to ensure that you get to your destination safely with its impeccable safety advancements. All Honda Civic models have six airbags, vehicle stability assist, as well as auto brake hold and brake assist. 

A safety feature that is available only in the 1.5L models is the Honda Lane Watch camera. This camera based safety tech is an addition to the side mirror that not only works to enhance the side view but also decreases blind spot areas. Changing lanes in the Civic 1.5L is now safer with this new safety feature. 

Perhaps the most notable safety feature that is available only in the 1.5L TC-P models is Honda Sensing. With the Honda Lane Watch and Honda Sensing, the safety features of the Civic 1.5L TC-P models are actually comparable to Toyota’s Corolla Altis and the Mazda 3. 

The full suite of the advanced safety features that Honda Sensing brings to the plate include Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), and Road Departure Warning (RDM). 

Driving is also made easier and safer with the Adaptive Cruise Control (AC), Low Speed Follow (LSF), Auto High Beam (ABH), as well as the Lane Keep Assist system (LKAS). 

The addition of Honda Sensing in all the Civic models means that Honda Malaysia now has a complete line-up of C-segment vehicles with this safety feature, which includes the Honda Accord and the Honda Odyssey


The Honda Civic 1.8L price in Malaysia starts from RM110,426.00. It is available in five colors – crystal black pearl, dark ruby red pearl, modern steel metallic, white orchid pearl and lunar silver metallic. 

Due to the 1.8L engine, road tax for this model is RM280.00 per year, which is higher than that for the 1.5L variants.

Mileage service and maintenance is due every 10,000 km or every 6 months, whichever comes first. The cost of mileage service and maintenance or the 1.8L is about RM200 for the first 10,000 km or the first 6 months. 

This can be done at the Honda Service Centre that is closest to you. Having your car serviced at an authorised service center not only guarantees that only experienced technicians work on your car but also that your car is fitted with genuine replacement parts.

The Honda Civic 1.5L TC will cost you a minimum of RM124,076.00 while the 1.5L TC-P starts at Rm131,883.00. The road tax for the 1.5L Civic is only RM90.00, which is much lower compared to the 1.8L model.

As with all Honda vehicles, the Civic has a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty (T&C apply) so you do not need to worry if something goes wrong. 

Pros and Cons of Honda Civic 1.5L TC

If you are still mulling over which Civic variant to choose, perhaps the following pros and cons list of the Civic 1.5L TC will help with your decision.

Pros of 1.5L TC

  • It is more efficient.
  • The Model has increased power.
  • Fuel economy is improved by as much as 20 to 40%.
  • The engine is quieter.

Cons of 1.5L TC

  • You will experience turbo lag.
  • Boost threshold.
  • The engine needs lubrication.

Pros and Cons of Honda Civic 1.8L 

Here are some pros and cons to consider before you purchase the 1.8L model.

Pros of Civic 1.8L

  • It has excellent fuel economy.
  • The cabin is extremely spacious, making it comfortable for travel.
  • It has a well designed, stylish, high quality interior.
  • Standard safety features are adequate.

Cons of the Civic 1.8L

  • The long rubber band effect of the CVT gearbox minimizes the power delivery experience.
  • The sloping roofline may be uncomfortable for those who are taller.
  • Legroom and knee room is decent, but may be a problem if you are tall.

Extra features in Honda Civic 1.5L TC-P 

If you are still undecided on which Civic model to choose, here’s a quick rundown of all the extra features in the 1.5L TC-P when compared to the 1.8L model:

  • LED Headlamps and LED fog lamps
  • Chrome door handles
  • Dual Zone air conditioning
  • Navigation
  • Leather seats
  • 18 inch wheels
  • Honda Lane Watch
  • Honda Sensing

While the RM20,000 difference may seem to be quite a lot, it is definitely worth it, especially with the state of the art safety features that will help to prevent any mishaps that might happen. 

The Verdict

Both honda models are amazing and both have the new Remote Engine Start, cruise control and the Honda’s signature touch panel air condition control. 

Both models also have a 7 inch advanced display audio featuring Bluetooth, MP3, USB and HDMI ports and well as iPod connectivity. 

Safety features for both cars are more than adequate. Besides the power of the 1.5L turbo, the only real difference is in the price of the models, with the 1.5L TC-P costing over RM20,000 more than the 1.8L model. Thus, with the Honda Civic, you can make your decision based on your budget or which engine you like better. For the best deal, check out the latest Honda Promotions available.

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