Honda Type R 2020 Review

Recently, Honda Malaysia introduced the updated version of its 2020 Type R series into the ultra-competitive Malaysian automobile market. Despite being more compact when compared to other similar cars in its category, it is rave-worthy due to its reputation as the high-performance version of the Honda Civic compact car.

Honda Type R

The 2020 Type R comes with high speed but is lightweight, aerodynamic, and an absolute blast on both the track and road altogether. One of its main features is the exclusive turbo-charged four-cylinder that makes 306 horsepower and 295lb-ft of torque. Since the 2020 Type R is the fastest and most powerful honda to date, it can therefore take you both on the regular road and off the beaten track. The Honda Type R is an upgraded version of the older series but enhanced with the speed of a professional race track driver.

Honda Type R 2020 Review 1


  • Extremely sporty and pleasing design
  • A powerful engine under the hood
  • Huge boot capacity despite being a sport-biased car


  • The rear section looks too brash and walks away from being a road car.
  • A little too expensive

Features to look for in Honda Type R


Sharp notes and cutting edge style dominate the interior of the Honda Type R in contrast with mere subtleness. The car is fitted with gratuitous red accents that will make every race car enthusiast green with envy.


Due to its red theme, the 7.0-inch digital gauge cluster has a distinct appearance for each drive mode. In comparison to generically molded predecessors, the Type R is also a very practical travel companion in spite of its firm reputation as an equal parts track star and daily driver.

Safety Features

The Honda Type R has gone the extra mile to provide its modern driver with safety features that can knock the socks off of even the most demanding enthusiasts who favor car safety. 

Among its lists of credentials boasts a standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking system, standard lane-departure alert and lane-keeping assist, and standard adaptive cruise control.

The Honda Sensing standard is touted to be one of the best safety packages when it comes to intelligent safety features. For example, one of them is VSA (vehicle stability assist) and hill start assist. 

To boost its credibility, JD Power gave it top ratings in that area even though the car hasn’t been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). 

Inside the cabin, you can find six SRS airbags, which are present at the front, sides, and curtains. To top it off, there is a vehicle immobilizer with a security alarm and an auto brake hold. 

You have to give credit to the extremely informative dashboard due to its control button on all sides. Not only that, but the steering wheel has a multitude of buttons, such as the audio controls and centre console. Quality is top-notch and can give any major sports car in the market such as Lamborghini a run for its money, albeit the steep price tag.

Cargo Space

The Honda Type R has ample space for passengers and their luggage. With a total capacity of 1580 litres and 420 litres of luggage capacity, the Type R will carry its task as the sole car of a family and the large boot means that this car is well suited to breeze through the humdrum of daily life. 

However, the wheel arches are intrusive towards the boot due to its slightly unconventional space despite being a high-performance car. However, thanks to its huge amount of space, multiple soft bags can be carried easily even though the process of carrying certain items such as bulky and rectangular items may be tricky. 

Another plus point of this car is that larger items can be carried without ever having to leave it in the car or at home.


The Honda Type R is powered by a 306 horsepower equipped with a 2L turbocharged inline 4 engine complete with an astounding VTEC valve train that can generate 295 lb-ft of torque. The Type R is the perfect performance-oriented minivan but also the perfect family vehicle despite this strange combination. Due to that, it stands out from other similar models of this car.


Plus, the engine will give any race track driver the ultimate satisfaction due to its power-packed high speed that is ideal for going on the race track and long leisurely rides.

Coming with a single-engine, the 2.0-liter drivetrain from the previous base model differs from the current Hone Type R. This is because Honda has decided to put a 3.5 liter twin-turbo V6 engine which can produce up to 455 HP and 380 lb-ft of torque.

For a minivan, it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds on the road thanks to its engine and 6-speed automatic gearbox. However, drawbacks of the engine are a few evocative cackles and pop especially when you lift off the accelerator pedal too quickly. 

Gas Mileage

Its fuel economy ratings are supreme as it is above average so that it can perform well both on the track and regular road. With a powerful and swift front-wheel drive, the Type R even out-stages its competitors as it exceeded the EPA highway on a fuel-economy loop. This makes it one-of-a-kind!

Other than that, the hatchback rang in at 29 mpg, beating its rating by mpg, even though it is still trailing the speed of 31 mpg.

Ride Quality

Thanks to its standard two-mode adaptive dampers, the Type R is indeed made up of outstanding ride quality. With its 20 inch wheels and damned-thin 245/30 Continental SportContact 6 summer tires, the Civic is injected with the softest Comfort mode, breezing you through road harshness like uneven surfaces such as potholes and bumps.


The Type R smooth suspension is an advantage as it is firm but agile enough for backroad sprints. For those who enjoy the feeling of every pebble underfoot, things get even more flexible when you push the mode switch to the default Sport or the hardcore+R.


Best of all, the handling is highly impressive and you can speed through a race track and feel on top of the world altogether.

Reliability and Star Rating

It has a rating of 5.5 out of 5.5 stars on reliability and high performance from JD Power.

Honda Type R Warranty

Honda covers the 2020 Type R with a 12 months/80,000 mileage warranty and a 7 years powertrain/100,000 miles warranty.

Which Honda Type R is the best?

The Honda Type R has seen many changes and transformations through the years since its inception in 1997, but none of them beats the current 2020 Type version. Compared to its predecessors, it is updated with several features such as exterior and interior changes. 

Boasting up to 306 horsepower equipped with a 2L turbocharged inline 4 engine, the latter carries a more powerful engine compared to the former older models of the past. Therefore, this makes the Type R faster and aggressive – making it worth the value of its hefty price tag.

type r

Aesthetically, the 2020 Type R is eye candy thanks largely to its super sporty and stylish look. With a longer and more premium sedan version, this is the ultimate trophy car to drive around and show off to make others green with envy.

There are not many drawbacks to this bestseller. The hits definitely outweigh the misses. The only drawback is its price tag which may be a turn off for some.

Is the 2020 Honda Type R a great minivan?

Yes, the 2020 Honda Type R is an excellent minivan for cruising through the race track and on the road. It’s the best of both worlds, where you get all the Type R goodies, including things such as the championship white paint, type R wheels, and body kit and even the classic Type R Red Accents inside.

But the best deal about it is of course its turbocharged high-performance engine. This major asset makes it one of the most powerful Honda to date.

Should I purchase a new or an old Honda Type R?

There are some several good improvements in the 2020 model compared to the past older versions, therefore the latter is worth your every hard-earned cash.

Honda Type R 2020 Review 2

The 2020 Honda Type R Model has some changes compared to the previous models. A few revisions include a striking body-colored trim on both bumpers, a larger grille opening that improves engine cooling, also to add some lost downforce from the new grille, a reshaped front spoiler.

Looks-wise, it is swanky enough both as a car and as a centerpiece due to its attractive feature and nice hues.

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